Xi sees gains in China-Italy cooperation

China stands ready to work with Italy on the Belt and Road Initiative by strengthening its alignment with the European country's development strategies to bring bilateral ties to a new level, President Xi Jinping said.


  • Will driverless cars hit the streets in 2019?

    Will driverless cars hit the streets in 2019?

    Mar 21,2019

    In 1926, a “phantom motor car” took the streets of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, controlled by a “master mind” that could shift gears, turn the steering wheel “and even ‘sass' the policeman at the corner.”

  • Mobile payments continue meteoric rise

    Mar 21,2019

    Use of China's mobile payment services has skyrocketed over the past five years, with total transactions covered reaching 277.39 trillion yuan ($41.51 trillion) in 2018 — a more than 27-fold increase from five years ago, according to the central bank.